The Necessity of Cleaning Your Grease Traps

18 Nov

There will never come a time when our kitchens will be grease-less.  Whatever foods we cook, most of them use grease and this is the reason why we should check our grease trap regularly.   Most kitchens, especially restaurants, do a lot of activities in the kitchen from cooking to cleaning and preparing things that somehow, we neglect to check out grease traps and to clean it, despite it being a very important thing to do.  But  a restaurant will be more successful if this grease trap cleaning is given importance.  You will know why grease traps should be cleaned regularly if you read the discussion below.

The function of the grease trap from is to make sure that grease does not go down the normal drainage system by catching them.  Fats and oils do not drain properly in a liquid drainage system because of its consistency.  An overflowing grease trap will let the oils soon enter the standard drain and this is why grease trap cleaning is important.  You will encounter more problems with an overflowing grease trap.

Not cleaning your grease traps can clog the drain.  With a clogged drain, your kitchen sink is rendered useless until something is done to clear up the clog.  A restaurant business will slow down with a clogged drain, since your personal are not able to use the sink to clean utensil and other kitchen stuff.  The difficult to cleaning out fats and oils from the pipe would mean a longer time for the plumber to unclog the drain. Check this out:

An un-maintained grease trap can let these oils and fats enter the sewage system, public septic tanks and other waste disposal systems, and if these systems get clogged, then you have a major problem in your hands.  The bubbling up of human waste is something disgusting and this will happen in the septic tank backs up because of the clog.  This can cause unpleasant odors and major damage to the ground where the tank is buried.

When grease traps are not cleaned regularly, you face the risk of having a kitchen fire.  When grease burns, it is extremely hot and it is not easy to put out.  If you pour waster on this type of flame, it will only spread the flame further throughout the kitchen, which will then be too large to contain.  If you are only using a small amount of oil, then these types of fires can easily be avoided.  But when fats and oils are not properly cleaned, they spread to areas where you don't really take time to check.  You kitchen can suddenly burst in flames if you leave your stovetop burner unattended or if you grill gets too hot.

Large fires can be contained with chemical fire extinguishers or if it gets too hot to handle you can simply call your fire department and get everyone out of the place. Click Here to learn more.

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